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Hip,Trendy Pot Luck Club

1 January 2013

As the weather gets colder and we can take a breath after a crazy season, we’ve started to explore exciting new venues that we think you should visit on your next trip to Cape Town. These are restaurants, bars, nightclubs etc that we can thoroughly recommend as a good night out!

The Pot Luck club situated 6 storeys up with spectacular 360 degree views of Cape Town, in a disused grain silo in Woodstock, is the latest sensation! Voted as one of the best restaurants in Cape Town the Pot Luck club is hip, trendy, sophisticated and the food is world class!

It’s the latest restaurant by local food guru Luke Dale- Roberts lauded as South Africa’s best chef. Conceived as a place for young creative chefs to try out new recipes, it means that the menu is constantly changing and new tastes being introduced.

The Pot Luck Club is situated within The Biscuit Mill, which, as the name suggests, is a converted Biscuit Mill, and is now home to some of the hippest interior, design and décor boutique stores. Saturdays are wild there with awesome live music, market stalls and an organic food market that will blow your socks off. No mass produced items here – everything is local, handmade and of exceptional quality. Next time in Cape Town it’s a MUST!!

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South Africanisms

weird and wonderful things about south africa and its people

"Yebo" a Zulu word meaning yes or used to show approval. For example: Question: "Hi there, can I get a pint in this Shebeen ?" Answer: "Yebo!"

Submitted by Sipho Mahlangu

"At the Robots, turn left" We don't do traffic lights - it's too much like being law abiding. In South Africa we have robots. Much more exciting!!

Submitted by Maria Van Heerden

"Shebeen" - a township tavern or drinking hole. Once illegal and frequently raided by the fuzz, shebeens are now pretty groovy hangouts in the townships. Note- AMEX not accepted here.

Submitted by Justice beeba

"Kwaai" South-African street slang for cool. "I climbed table mountain today and it was Kwaai.

Submitted by nickyd

"LADUMA" Pronounced LA-DOOO-MAH is a popular cheer used at footbal matches to celebrate a goal being scored. shouted loud, with the emphasis on the middle DOOOO this is exaltation at its height (well in so far as sport can get you ecstatic anyway)

Submitted by Angel Witbooi

"Now, Now" - When South Africans say that they will do something "Now, now"... It actually means that they will do it later.

Submitted by Ken McKenzie

“Poepol” is an affectionately used term to denote an idiot. so you might say “ag you poepol you’ve locked the keys in the blerry car! Now we’re really in the dwang!”

Submitted by Jeanne Watson

We South africans like a bit of a party, and “Epic” denotes a pretty fab party. If its even better than fabulous we may throw in “flipping” before “Epic” . so ... "That Afrika Burn jol was flipping Epic my Bru”

Submitted by Hlumela Masha

“Mzansi” has of late been really popularised by our national broadcaster. it has come to mean South Africa and comes from the Xhosa word for South.

Submitted by Jakes Madala

“Jizlaaik” is another wonderfully descriptive word we have for “Goodness gracious!” or “Oh My!” so we might say "jizlaaik my China if South Africa wins the cricket i skeem we should have a dop or two to celebrate”

Submitted by Delarey Potgieter

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Buchanan Square, 160 Sir Lowry Road,
Woodstock, Cape Town, 7925
South Africa
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