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Our pick of the coolest Cape Town Sundowner spots for Summer 2015

1 September 2015

It's September and for Cape Town that means it’s officially spring and celebrations are in order!
With that in mind and because right now we are oh so ready for a get down, act crazy and let your hair down party we thought we’d investigate the coolest hippest and most happening venues for you to investigate next time you are shooting on our sunny Cape Town shores.

A proper night out involves many things and many stages. If you’re in Cape Town and its summer a good evening out cannot begin without sundowner drinks at a seaside location. We have worked tirelessly, trawling the coolest sundowner hangouts to bring you our current favourites. It’s been hard but, well someone has to do it! Café Caprice on the Camps Bay strip is ever popular with the rich and famous. They have done something right here and it’s a venue that has become famous for being famous. Great cocktails, loungers, deep house tunes and pretty staff and clientele don’t hurt its popularity. With Camps Bay beach literally across the road and the phenomenal sunset right in front of you, it’s a no brainer.
The Bungalow restaurant and Lounge in Clifton is another spectacular location overlooking the enormous expanse of the Atlantic Ocean in all her majesty. If that isn’t enough for you there is more than sufficient eye-candy to keep you inspired at this “beautiful people” hang out. A splash pool in the middle of it all inspires the more lithe and lean to strip down to scantily clad. Other options include The Tobago Bar at The Radisson Blu on Cape Town’s golden Mile. Perfectly situated right on the water with views of both the V&A Waterfront and the greater Atlantic Ocean, the Tobago is a pretty darn splendid sundowner spot. Seems every venue worth its salt has to involve a splash pool this season, so you’ll find one here too as well as everything from sweet melon margaritas to Passionate Mojito’s to beer on tap.
For something more grungy but way hip look no further than Rafiki’s – no sea view here but great vibe and eternally cool particularly if you want to go where the real Capetonians go and don’t mind box wine and the odd room temperature beer in the name of hanging with the real people. Its something of an institution.

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South Africanisms

weird and wonderful things about south africa and its people

“Mzansi” has of late been really popularised by our national broadcaster. it has come to mean South Africa and comes from the Xhosa word for South.

Submitted by Jakes Madala

"Sharp Sharp" a lovely expression that can mean so many things, but all upbeat and positive. Can be a greeting, a farewell, an agreement or just to express enthusiasm.

Submitted by Shaun O'Connel

"Now, Now" - When South Africans say that they will do something "Now, now"... It actually means that they will do it later.

Submitted by Ken McKenzie

We South africans like a bit of a party, and “Epic” denotes a pretty fab party. If its even better than fabulous we may throw in “flipping” before “Epic” . so ... "That Afrika Burn jol was flipping Epic my Bru”

Submitted by Hlumela Masha

Eish! - Substitute any of the following: No shit! Dang! Holy Cow! Ouch! You're kidding! Bummer! Oh well. Geez!

Submitted by Mark Upton

"Yebo" a Zulu word meaning yes or used to show approval. For example: Question: "Hi there, can I get a pint in this Shebeen ?" Answer: "Yebo!"

Submitted by Sipho Mahlangu

“Poepol” is an affectionately used term to denote an idiot. so you might say “ag you poepol you’ve locked the keys in the blerry car! Now we’re really in the dwang!”

Submitted by Jeanne Watson

"What a chop!" A chop is a term used to describe an idiot or a moron. If someone has done something silly, or idiotic, you could call them a chop! for example: John left his car lights on and now his battery is dead... What a chop!

Submitted by Britt Ballantyne

"Shebeen" - a township tavern or drinking hole. Once illegal and frequently raided by the fuzz, shebeens are now pretty groovy hangouts in the townships. Note- AMEX not accepted here.

Submitted by Justice beeba

“Rooineks” Is the name the boers gave to the English settlers in the old days because their necks were always sunburnt from the harsh South African sun. The name stuck and you still see a fair amount of sunburnt necks about.

Submitted by Derrick Le Roux

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