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AFRIKA BURN - The Party of the Year

11 May 2015

This past weekend saw the party of the year. Afrika Burn. Based on it’s American big brother – Burning Man, Afrika Burn brings together a fascinating group of free thinkers, creatives and some guys and dolls just really keen on having a bit of a fun in the desert. Free of the constraints of modern urban life but certainly not without its comforts the chic set dress up to get down. no squalid dirty hippies here thank you – it would be interesting to know what the net worth of a cross section of these revellers is.
For this weekend though they come together  in mythical Tankwa Town to create art, burn structures, dress up, perform, make music and mutant mad max type vehicles, cavort in the nik and play hard. The principles that Burning Man and Afrika Burn are founded on are many and profound but are based on community, creative collaboration and cooperation, the sharing of knowledge and a radically participatory ethic. The installations are breathtaking and of such enormous proportion its hard to fathom how they can can bear to burn them after just a few days. The spirit of community, cooperation and creative expression and interconnectedness informs everything that happens at this event and seems like a good model for getting along in the real world perhaps though without the giant lampshade on your head…

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South Africanisms

weird and wonderful things about south africa and its people

“Rooineks” Is the name the boers gave to the English settlers in the old days because their necks were always sunburnt from the harsh South African sun. The name stuck and you still see a fair amount of sunburnt necks about.

Submitted by Derrick Le Roux

"Toyi Toyi" (pronounced TOY-TOY) this is a traditional South African form of protest. It is a knees up dance done by protestors and can be very intimidating.

Submitted by Jaques Du Plooy

"A Boer Maak a Plan" Afrikaans colloquialism meaning that no matter what the obstacles are, us South Africans can sort it out. It speaks to our no nonsense sense of the world.

Submitted by Jean De Villiers

“Poepol” is an affectionately used term to denote an idiot. so you might say “ag you poepol you’ve locked the keys in the blerry car! Now we’re really in the dwang!”

Submitted by Jeanne Watson

“Mzansi” has of late been really popularised by our national broadcaster. it has come to mean South Africa and comes from the Xhosa word for South.

Submitted by Jakes Madala

"What a chop!" A chop is a term used to describe an idiot or a moron. If someone has done something silly, or idiotic, you could call them a chop! for example: John left his car lights on and now his battery is dead... What a chop!

Submitted by Britt Ballantyne

"Sharp Sharp" a lovely expression that can mean so many things, but all upbeat and positive. Can be a greeting, a farewell, an agreement or just to express enthusiasm.

Submitted by Shaun O'Connel

Eish! - Substitute any of the following: No shit! Dang! Holy Cow! Ouch! You're kidding! Bummer! Oh well. Geez!

Submitted by Mark Upton

"Now, Now" - When South Africans say that they will do something "Now, now"... It actually means that they will do it later.

Submitted by Ken McKenzie

"Yebo" a Zulu word meaning yes or used to show approval. For example: Question: "Hi there, can I get a pint in this Shebeen ?" Answer: "Yebo!"

Submitted by Sipho Mahlangu

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