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Constantia Valley Wine Route - A Fresh Take on Wine - no spitting required!

12 January 2015

The Constantia Wine Route has become a really great option for wine enthusiasts as well as those just into a bit of a Cape Town experience with great food and drink. Apart from the magnificence of the Constantia valley it has the bonus of being a lot closer to Cape Town than the traditional wine making areas - for those of us who don’t have huge swathes of time for pure hedonism.
A fresh alternative to the stayed process of wine tasting has evolved which includes offering snack platters with the wine, all in the enviable location of the vineyards. its relaxed, its sexy and well its very Capetonian and there is no spitting (unless you feel you really must)
vineyards such as Constantia Glen, Beau Constance and Silvermist all belong to this new wave of super cool farms.
then you get the more established farms such as Groot Constantia which has one of my favourite restaurants, Jonkershuis as resident.
Buitenverwagting also has a super restaurant and open air lunching, and tasting area set around a large koi pond.
all these fantastic farms are 20 minutes from the very epicenter of town (so super close in other words)

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South Africanisms

weird and wonderful things about south africa and its people

“Mzansi” has of late been really popularised by our national broadcaster. it has come to mean South Africa and comes from the Xhosa word for South.

Submitted by Jakes Madala

"Sharp Sharp" a lovely expression that can mean so many things, but all upbeat and positive. Can be a greeting, a farewell, an agreement or just to express enthusiasm.

Submitted by Shaun O'Connel

"Kwaai" South-African street slang for cool. "I climbed table mountain today and it was Kwaai.

Submitted by nickyd

“Bilksem” is a wonderful South Africanism that basically means "we’re going to give them a hiding” Often a way to explain the punishent we’re going to mete out on an opposing sports team.

Submitted by Charles Williams

"LADUMA" Pronounced LA-DOOO-MAH is a popular cheer used at footbal matches to celebrate a goal being scored. shouted loud, with the emphasis on the middle DOOOO this is exaltation at its height (well in so far as sport can get you ecstatic anyway)

Submitted by Angel Witbooi

"Now, Now" - When South Africans say that they will do something "Now, now"... It actually means that they will do it later.

Submitted by Ken McKenzie

in some parts of South Africa we have a pretty heart stopping collection of creepy crawlies. We call them “Goggas” which comes from the Khoi San word meaning creeping things.

Submitted by Zollie Tshabalala

"At the Robots, turn left" We don't do traffic lights - it's too much like being law abiding. In South Africa we have robots. Much more exciting!!

Submitted by Maria Van Heerden

“laaitie” is an affectionate word for a younger person particularly a son so you might say “My laaitie is taking his bokkie to a flik tonight. “Bokkie” in this context would mean his sweetheart and not his pet Springbok.

Submitted by Eric Van Staden

"Toyi Toyi" (pronounced TOY-TOY) this is a traditional South African form of protest. It is a knees up dance done by protestors and can be very intimidating.

Submitted by Jaques Du Plooy

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