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Cannes Lions 2014 Recap

29 July 2014

It's the end of July already and that means we're in the bleak midwinter (which for South Africa thankfully is never very bleak). It also means that another Cannes Lions 2014 has come and gone and we have survived it!

Cannes is always a dizzying whirl of great weather, great company, amazing food and of course staggering amounts of overpriced tipple. Without these ingredients it would not be Cannes and we could all stay home.

With this in mind our fearless band of merry men (that would be Ken Mckenzie and Earl Redcliffe descended on Cannes at 1am and headed directly for The Gutter Bar. Earl’s first taste of Cannes was never going to be a quiet Lime and soda by the pool.

Day 2 and it's beach and work then late lunch and drinks at the Carlton terrace. It's belle epoche facade overlooks the bay of Cannes. Having hosted the who’s who, today it hosts an assortment of industry folk including our own James from King James South Africa and  Simon Mallinson from MTP Scotland. Then it's drinks and English footie at The Mill party, followed by late dinner and a well deserved nap.

The week continues in like fashion punctuated by lunches, dinners, drinks and chats. Lunch at La Colombe D'or outside of Cannes with clients. Dinner with Park pictures. South African Cannes party on Friday night on the beach rounds off a week of serious partying and networking.

Saturday just time for lunch with Clive Pickering and Neil Dawson before packing it all in and heading home for a bit of a detox!

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South Africanisms

weird and wonderful things about south africa and its people

"Shebeen" - a township tavern or drinking hole. Once illegal and frequently raided by the fuzz, shebeens are now pretty groovy hangouts in the townships. Note- AMEX not accepted here.

Submitted by Justice beeba

"Kwaai" South-African street slang for cool. "I climbed table mountain today and it was Kwaai.

Submitted by nickyd

"Toyi Toyi" (pronounced TOY-TOY) this is a traditional South African form of protest. It is a knees up dance done by protestors and can be very intimidating.

Submitted by Jaques Du Plooy

We South africans like a bit of a party, and “Epic” denotes a pretty fab party. If its even better than fabulous we may throw in “flipping” before “Epic” . so ... "That Afrika Burn jol was flipping Epic my Bru”

Submitted by Hlumela Masha

"What a chop!" A chop is a term used to describe an idiot or a moron. If someone has done something silly, or idiotic, you could call them a chop! for example: John left his car lights on and now his battery is dead... What a chop!

Submitted by Britt Ballantyne

"Yebo" a Zulu word meaning yes or used to show approval. For example: Question: "Hi there, can I get a pint in this Shebeen ?" Answer: "Yebo!"

Submitted by Sipho Mahlangu

“Poepol” is an affectionately used term to denote an idiot. so you might say “ag you poepol you’ve locked the keys in the blerry car! Now we’re really in the dwang!”

Submitted by Jeanne Watson

“Bilksem” is a wonderful South Africanism that basically means "we’re going to give them a hiding” Often a way to explain the punishent we’re going to mete out on an opposing sports team.

Submitted by Charles Williams

in some parts of South Africa we have a pretty heart stopping collection of creepy crawlies. We call them “Goggas” which comes from the Khoi San word meaning creeping things.

Submitted by Zollie Tshabalala

Eish! - Substitute any of the following: No shit! Dang! Holy Cow! Ouch! You're kidding! Bummer! Oh well. Geez!

Submitted by Mark Upton

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