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Our recent productions - Coke Zero & Zyrtec

20 May 2014

Coke Zero “Just Add Zero” spot directed by Jonty Toosey through Made in Brussels for Duvall Guillaume Modem, is a brilliantly devised commercial relying on the main protagonists being “pranked”. Hobbies were chosen that traditionally do not inspire many (any) fans watching from the sidelines.

So we enticed unsuspecting specialists into making a knitting documentary and a fishing and petanque competition. We had to create bogus scenarios for our knitting, fishing and petanque cast and then have them surprised by hordes of fans.

Coordinating hundreds of dressed up “fans” while not allowing the knitters, fisherman and ball players to realize what was going on till the big moment was a real challenge.

The result is a remarkable commercial – memorable in its uniqueness, its quirkiness and its sense of fun. The real star of the show though is the Llama in a onesie who appears in the knitting prank.

And so from the ridiculous to the “Muddlers” with a commercial for Zyrtec.

Directed by Jack Schreier through our long time clients Park Pictures for JWT USA. Shot on locations in Cape Town, the Zyrtec “muddlers” are given a new lease on life with this wondrous product that starts working in the 1st hour!

Cinematographer, Matthew Lloyd creates a warm, colourful and slightly fantastical world for the “muddlers” to play out their scenarios in.

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South Africanisms

weird and wonderful things about south africa and its people

"Now, Now" - When South Africans say that they will do something "Now, now"... It actually means that they will do it later.

Submitted by Ken McKenzie

"Kwaai" South-African street slang for cool. "I climbed table mountain today and it was Kwaai.

Submitted by nickyd

"Yebo" a Zulu word meaning yes or used to show approval. For example: Question: "Hi there, can I get a pint in this Shebeen ?" Answer: "Yebo!"

Submitted by Sipho Mahlangu

“Jizlaaik” is another wonderfully descriptive word we have for “Goodness gracious!” or “Oh My!” so we might say "jizlaaik my China if South Africa wins the cricket i skeem we should have a dop or two to celebrate”

Submitted by Delarey Potgieter

“Poepol” is an affectionately used term to denote an idiot. so you might say “ag you poepol you’ve locked the keys in the blerry car! Now we’re really in the dwang!”

Submitted by Jeanne Watson

"What a chop!" A chop is a term used to describe an idiot or a moron. If someone has done something silly, or idiotic, you could call them a chop! for example: John left his car lights on and now his battery is dead... What a chop!

Submitted by Britt Ballantyne

"Sharp Sharp" a lovely expression that can mean so many things, but all upbeat and positive. Can be a greeting, a farewell, an agreement or just to express enthusiasm.

Submitted by Shaun O'Connel

“Rooineks” Is the name the boers gave to the English settlers in the old days because their necks were always sunburnt from the harsh South African sun. The name stuck and you still see a fair amount of sunburnt necks about.

Submitted by Derrick Le Roux

"At the Robots, turn left" We don't do traffic lights - it's too much like being law abiding. In South Africa we have robots. Much more exciting!!

Submitted by Maria Van Heerden

"A Boer Maak a Plan" Afrikaans colloquialism meaning that no matter what the obstacles are, us South Africans can sort it out. It speaks to our no nonsense sense of the world.

Submitted by Jean De Villiers

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