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Hottest coffee spots in Cape Town.

4 September 2013

Since coffee has become society’s drug of choice we thought we would be wise to check out some of the hottest coffee spots in Cape Town that you can nip down to, to de-fuzz your brain after one too many PPM’s, wardrobe calls, client meetings, or just one too many margaritas.

Coffee shops have become indicators of personality types, purveyors of style. Take for example VIDA E CAFFÉ these are to be found in every trendy enclave of the CT City centre. Clean modern interior design – red and black. These coffee shops are for the trendy, mainstream ,the upwardly mobile. Contemporary World music blares through the sound system and the staff shout out your order and make quite a show down the production line of making a great coffee. This is coffee that puts a swing in your step and a smile on your face.

If you regard yourself as more alternative, then HAAS (meaning Rabbit in Afrikaans) at 67 Rose Street Bo Kaap is the place for you. One of a kind, beautifully fitted almost everything in the shop is for sale. Magnificent pieces of art, sculpture and off the wall design. My waiter was a tall beautiful black man with dreds and a top hat. Mad Hatter? If drinking your coffee in a wing back chair surrounded by contemporary art sounds like your “thang” then Haas is definitely worth a visit.

If restored motorbikes and surfing memorabilia is more your groove then you could always have your cup of Joe at Los Muertos, also in the super groovy Bo Kaap. A tiny little shop in front of wicked pixels post production. Perfect for a quick coffee and if you’re lucky a baguette with choice of fillings. But don’t count on the baguettes. They sell like hot cakes!

The Power and the Glory – Super trendy – art house meets intellectual set in this beatnik café. Great vibe, great interior, great coffee. Cnr Kloofnek & Burnside Rd, Tamboerskloof, Cape Town.

We hope we’ve got you excited about your morning (afternoon or night) coffee on your next trip to Cape Town. Here are a couple more of the best of the best, defs worth a visit next time you’re here!
Honest – 66 Wale Street, Cape Town
Bean there – 58 Wale Street, Cape Town  - Fair trade coffee – these folks know coffee!!
Latitude 33 – 165 Bree Street, Cape Town
Deluxe Coffeeworks – 35 Church Street, Cape Town

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South Africanisms

weird and wonderful things about south africa and its people

"Shebeen" - a township tavern or drinking hole. Once illegal and frequently raided by the fuzz, shebeens are now pretty groovy hangouts in the townships. Note- AMEX not accepted here.

Submitted by Justice beeba

Eish! - Substitute any of the following: No shit! Dang! Holy Cow! Ouch! You're kidding! Bummer! Oh well. Geez!

Submitted by Mark Upton

"Sharp Sharp" a lovely expression that can mean so many things, but all upbeat and positive. Can be a greeting, a farewell, an agreement or just to express enthusiasm.

Submitted by Shaun O'Connel

“Rooineks” Is the name the boers gave to the English settlers in the old days because their necks were always sunburnt from the harsh South African sun. The name stuck and you still see a fair amount of sunburnt necks about.

Submitted by Derrick Le Roux

"Toyi Toyi" (pronounced TOY-TOY) this is a traditional South African form of protest. It is a knees up dance done by protestors and can be very intimidating.

Submitted by Jaques Du Plooy

"What a chop!" A chop is a term used to describe an idiot or a moron. If someone has done something silly, or idiotic, you could call them a chop! for example: John left his car lights on and now his battery is dead... What a chop!

Submitted by Britt Ballantyne

“laaitie” is an affectionate word for a younger person particularly a son so you might say “My laaitie is taking his bokkie to a flik tonight. “Bokkie” in this context would mean his sweetheart and not his pet Springbok.

Submitted by Eric Van Staden

We South africans like a bit of a party, and “Epic” denotes a pretty fab party. If its even better than fabulous we may throw in “flipping” before “Epic” . so ... "That Afrika Burn jol was flipping Epic my Bru”

Submitted by Hlumela Masha

“Jizlaaik” is another wonderfully descriptive word we have for “Goodness gracious!” or “Oh My!” so we might say "jizlaaik my China if South Africa wins the cricket i skeem we should have a dop or two to celebrate”

Submitted by Delarey Potgieter

"LADUMA" Pronounced LA-DOOO-MAH is a popular cheer used at footbal matches to celebrate a goal being scored. shouted loud, with the emphasis on the middle DOOOO this is exaltation at its height (well in so far as sport can get you ecstatic anyway)

Submitted by Angel Witbooi

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